Welcome to our classic spring bestsellers! 
This is a selection of table mats in our latest NUPO colours and the most popular shapes for spring 2019. NUPO is elegant and timeless. It has an exclusive, suede-like surface, with a soft structure. It is one of LIND DNA’s most popular surfaces!



Welcome to our new HIPPO bestsellers!
This is a selection of table mats in our latest HIPPO colours and the most popular shapes for spring 2019. HIPPO was developed with inspiration from the animal world. Its unique structure creates a beautiful play of bright and dark shades across its surface. HIPPO is one of LIND DNA's strongest surfaces!



CUT&SERVE is a beautiful collection of cutting boards in wooden appearance – available in two colours (ash and walnut). Due to their appealing design, all boards can be used as decorative serving boards for tapas or snacks. The collection is made from compact laminate, a very strong and durable material, consisting of multiple kraft paper layers, pressed together with resin from trees. The complete series is extremely thin, lightweight and easy to clean – even dishwasher safe. All boards are heat resistant up to 200° C  and can therefore also be used as trivets for your hot pots and pans.



As a natural development of our CURVE shaped tabletop collection, we have created a brand new, stylish product range in genuine stoneware. With its distinctive shape, CURVE STONEWARE lets you reinvent completely, how to arrange and serve food on a plate, a platter or a bowl. At the same time, this collection lets you play even more with the perfect symmetry of your tabletop decoration, by adding yet another dimension of curves to the ensemble. 


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