DANMARKS fastest growing design company

Since 2013, LIND DNA has grown from a handful of people to a team of more than 40. They come in many colours and shapes, just like their table mats, you might say. With different backgrounds, levels of education and experience, different ages and lifestyles. What unites them all, is that they take pride in doing their best at what they're best at. They meet each other with enthusiasm and respect and their fellow goal is to create value for the people who buy LIND DNA's products. Everybody runs fast and everyone has the power to imprint on the organization. 


Danish Design made in Denmark

In line with the rapid growth in recent years, our production facilities have grown extensively. By now, we have about 3000 square meters of production space and insist - whenever possible - on local production in Aarhus. This gives us the opportunity to be hands-on throughout the entire process of product maturation and to secure continuously high manufacturing standards. On top of that, we can respond to marked needs in a heartbeat and produce to order - which is important in a growing market. We believe in local craftsmanship as an enormous source of strength and prefer to cooperate with other local suppliers. 



Det The bedrock of most of LIND DNA's designs is high-quality recycled leather. Sourced from the surplus production of furniture, bags and shoes, our vegetable-tanned leather is first being washed and granulated and then pressed together with natural rubber from trees. The resulting quality consists of 80% hard leather and 20% natural rubber from trees - which then is dyed and decorated with beautiful surface structures and patterns. It holds outstanding physical characteristics, such as being water repellent, durable and easy to clean. Besides recycled leather, LIND DNA works a lot with responsibly sourced oak and wool and most of the company's products are not only designed and manufactured in Aarhus, but also packaged locally. LIND DNA's biodegradable packaging material is made from wood fiber, by KRAFTPAK. All of LIND DNA's materials are chosen with respect for nature.
By printing little, eating vegetarian one day per week and recycling waste, we try to implement sustainable ways of working into our office routines, as well. Because at the end of the day, many small actions can make a world of a difference. 

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